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Price List

(Subject to change without notice)

Urgent Care or Weight Management Office Visit:  $69

DOT Physical:  $79

Pre-Employment Physicals:  $69

Sports Physicals:  $19

Sutures (includes office visit):
Single Layer 8 or less – $149
Complex – $199

Allergy Shot:  $49

Joint or Bursa Cortisone Shot or other Steroid Equivalent: $149
(includes office visit)

Trigger Point Injection:  $39

Skin Tag Removal (includes office visit):  $69 for less than 5, $99 up to 10

Incision and drainage of abscess with irrigation, packing, dressing:  $149

Ear Wax Impaction Irrigation/Removal:  $99 Per Ear

Urine Pregnancy Test:  $29

Urine Analysis:  $29

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